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Baozhu Park (宝珠生态公园) to Zhaozong Reservoir (昭宗水库)

One of the most accessible hiking areas in Kunming, within walking distance to the West Bus Station Subway stop (西部汽车站). Wonderful network of dirt paths snaking around these hills, with good views of Kunming and Dianchi. 




Elevation Gain



Moderately Strenuous

7.3 km km

(4.5 mi)

+520 meters

(1,700 feet)

Trail Type

Dirt; Narrow to Wide; Point to Point

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Start 2.jpg

The trail system starts behind this construction sight just off of the road. You can start here or the GPX trailhead. 


This is where the GPX track begins. It ascends through the woods before coming up on the construction site (left).

Trail Up.jpg

After the construction site you can choose your own adventure and more or less end up in the same area (on top of the ridge). The GPX track goes right at the small bridge (picture on the left), and then pulls a sharp U-Turn to head up the hill (picture on the right). 

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The trail as it gains the ridge. 

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The view from the top of the ridge. 

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From the ridge, the GPX follows this beautiful trail to the north for a kilometer or so. 

Past Village.jpg

Continue North through the little village and take this trail by the telephone pole. 

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The GPX heads down from the cobble onto this path (above), before eventually meeting back up with the cobble above Zhaozong Reservoir (below).

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The little side-trip to this summit offers a nice view of the city in all directions. 

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The last part of the hike (after the optional summit) is mostly a network of paths like this that snake their way down towards the reservoir (left). You can choose your own adventure down. 

Zhaozong Reservoir Google Earth.PNG

Getting to the Trail Head

This trailhead is a bit more inconspicuous, but only a short walk from the subway. It starts above Baozhu Ecological Park (宝珠生态公园)just off of the road to San Jia Cun (三家村). The GPX track starts behind a dumpster like thing (photo above), and the trail system starts behind a small construction site. You can also just start at Zhaozong Reservoir (昭宗水库) and go backwards. That's a popular swimming hole, and so a good place to finish a hike. 


Baidu Maps: https://j.map.baidu.com/e9/6AA


Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/FM6Zq9zMGptE17Sm9

GPS Coordinates:  25° 2'38.71"N; 102°37'42.47"E (25.04408611, 102.62833333)


Subway Stop: 西部汽车站 West Bus Station Line 3(from here walk directly west for less than a km to reach 宝珠生态公园)。