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Jintongpen Shan 金铜盆山

Fumin's representative of the "Ten Mountains of Kunming". It is a steep, dirt trail through rhododendron and pine forests that tops out at a beautiful (but tree-covered) summit strewn with prayer flags. A wind farm near the summit has turned some of the trail into a dirt road.




Elevation Gain


Very Strenuous


11.2 km

(7 mi)

+944 meters

(3,100 feet)

Trail Type

Dirt, Narrow 

Out and Back

Trail Description

The trail begins just behind Xihua temple headed south, and immediately begins climbing into a mixed forest of eucalyptus and azalea. About 200 meters in there is a fork--you can take either one as they meet back up in about 0.5 km. We went right, which is steeper but more direct.


The trail climbs steeply through thick, buggy forest for a little over a kilometer with a couple nice views along the way until it crests a ridge and joins with a small red-clay road. Follow this road northwest for about 0.6 km until you reach Malutang Village. At the main junction, follow the road straight into the village and after 100 meters there is a T-junction with another small road, and a small dirt path heading above it and into the hills above the village. Take this path, and follow it up a steep 300 meter gully onto the ridge above. 

From here the path is relatively straightforward, it ascends in a southwesterly direction for about 2 km through open meadows, pine forests, and in between small valleys. At times it fades and/or turns into a many-forked goat/cattle trail. There will be a fire-road underneath the hiking trail that you can see for much of it.


Then you come out onto another fire-road, seemingly built, or at least now used, to accommodate the many wind turbines that have been installed atop the mountain and the power station that accompanies them. Walk south along the road for about 100 meters before coming to a newer-looking brown dirt road going up the other direction. Follow this up through terraced farmland for about 300 meters, then break off right and follow the shallow gully up towards another fire-road above (the trail here is VERY faint, but there is a rock with a flag tied around it as a marker). From here you can see the summit towards the southwest, and it is kind of choose-your-own adventure as to how to get there. You can follow the GPS track along the road and then cut right into the forest after 300 meters, or you can continue to follow the road around to the southern end of the summit, and find a trail up from there. Either way it's only about 100 meters from the road. 

The summit is covered in a thick but beautiful grove of azalea trees with prayer flags strung between them, and a stone summit marker in the middle of it. Views are limited but there are pockets in between the trees from which to relax and gaze out into the mountains beyond. Follow the same path down to return to Xihua Temple.

Author's Note: This is a decent and challenging hike on what was once a pleasant dirt trail, but it has fallen prey to ongoing development (even if it's green development). If you are taken out of the moment by passing through villages and crossing fire roads, this may not be for you. If that doesn't matter to you, go for it! 

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Getting to the Trail Head

From Fumin, head 7 km north to Nanyingcun (南营村), and take a left onto small road. About 2 kilometers up the road is Xihua Temple (护国西华禅寺). The trail starts just behind the temple. 

Driving: Drive or get dropped off at Xihua Temple. In total 45 kilometers from Kunming, about an hour drive.


Public Transport: Take a bus from Kunming Northwest Bus Terminal to Fumin Passenger Transport Terminal (富民客运站). Then take a taxi to Xihua Temple (30-40 RMB). 

Baidu Maps: https://j.map.baidu.com/ce/W_m


Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Z8R5YVqYPLMKFNFK7

GPS Coordinates:   25°17'12.12"N; 102°26'24.40"E (25.286699, 102.440112)