About Us

We are two Americans that moved to Kunming 3 years ago. As soon as we arrived, we fell in love with the Yunnan landscape, and were eager to start exploring it. We quickly discovered that the outdoor recreation industry in China is still in its fledgling stages, and as such there is limited infrastructure or information for people looking to independently camp and hike (particularly in English). Since then, we have spent a great deal of time searching for and scouting out various hiking and camping locations across the province (mostly in the Kunming area).

This website is simply an accumulation of the knowledge and information we’ve gained over the years, in the hopes that it makes some of the spectacular natural places here in Yunnan more accessible to others. This is by no means an exhaustive list of potential hiking or camping spots, and we will be continually adding new spots as we find them. We also hope it inspires others to get outside, discover “new” places, and contribute to this growing body of knowledge!

Lily Anderson 
Luke Dauner